Prayer to the Holy Spirit – Make us see ourselves as you see us

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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the sun of my soul, the life of my soul, I adore you and I fall before Thee.

  • GUIDE ME: In all my jobs and ventures (mention specific tasks)
  • STRENGHTEN ME: To overcome all my weaknesses (mention specific weaknesses)
  • COMFORT ME: In all my disappointments and failures (mention them)
  • CLEANSE ME: Of all my sins (especially since ….) Quite me cleansing and sacred
  • HEAL ME: Of all my wounds, physical, mental and spiritual (mention specific areas). Help me to forgive everyone who has hurt me (Pause: remember all the names, forgive and ask for forgiveness). Take me by my Father. Discover me Jesus, my Saviour. Open my eyes and heart to the Word of God. Teach me to pray. Help me to love as Jesus loved

Prayer to the Holy Spirit of ST. AUGUSTINE 

Please breath into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts are sacred. Start Me Holy Spirit that my work is dedicated. Pull my heart to love only what is holy. Protect me, Holy Spirit that I can always be holy.

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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit and change our tensions in the holy peace of bliss. Change our tortures and troubles in the holy serenity. Change our anxieties in quiet confidence. Change our distractions and fears in strong faith. Change our inner bitterness into sweetness of grace. Change the darkness within us in a soft light. Change our coldness in gentle heat. Change darkness in your light. Change winter in us in your spring. Remove our corruption, dishonesty, fill the inner emptiness. Reduce boundaries of our pride, strength boundaries of our humility. Inflame the fire of Your love, extinguish the flame of lust.

Make us see ourselves as you see us and we can see that God has promised to us by his words: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Let us remain close in the same prayer! May the Lord bless you abundantly!