Prayer for Family protection – Prayer to protect my family from evil

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Prayer for Family protection

Merciful Jesus, I give you my children, no one else can understand my pain and anxieties and give me a better assistance. Give me the grace to raise my children, because I know that without Your help, my efforts will not bear fruit. Purify my work and give me help in teaching my children.

Free them of sin, teach them to grow in love, keep them away from bad company, help them in their learning, make them kind to the poor, the afflicted and suffering. Save them in your presence and in good health, so that they can grow in your glory, for the good of others and the dedication of their parents. When after death I come here before You, my judge, let Your mother take care of my children. I promise to you now faithfully serve others and to transmit this devotion.

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Prayer for family

Lord Jesus, thank You for each member of my family. I believe that every member of the family is a special gift from You. Please forgive me for so many times I did not treat them as Your children. Forgive the sins of all of us that we have committed against you and against each other.
Lord I give you family issues and ask You to intercede for us and straighten all that is wrong in our family.

Instruction special intentions:

  • the division between a husband and wife
  • lack of love in our family
  • infertility
  • stubbornness children
  • bad habits of family members, alcoholism and drug addiction
  • idleness
  • marriage divorce
  • lack of prayer
  • lack of healthy behaviour
  • poor neighbour relations
  • lack of economic progress
  • disrespect law

Prayer to protect my family from evil

Come Lord Jesus, come into my life, come in my family problems. Surround each member of my family by your angels, protecting us from attack, all evil and danger. Send your Holy Spirit in abundance, so that each of the family members can be renewed to your picture and let the peace of the Holy Spirit fill this house and stay with us now and always. (Acts 16:31) “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, and thy house”

Let us remain close in the same prayer! May the Lord bless you abundantly!