Prayer for finances, financial help and blessing

Prayer for finances, financial help and blessing

Prayer for finances, financial help and blessing

Lord Jesus, I come to You with my concerns and financial difficulties. I offer You my financial problems, large and small. In the name of Jesus let, every satanic activity is suspended.

Give me the grace to good use on greater glory of God. Teach me that I use material goods for general will of God. Help me to give to God and Caesar. Teach me to shake hands with material goods that are at my disposal with full sense of responsibility. Bless me to be faithful in large and small matters.

Let me understand that I am only the manager of Thee goods entrusted to me. Teach me to use the goods entrusted to me as you wish. Forgive my sins to the material realm.

Forgive me all my sins extravagance, non-repayment of debts, high interest rates, making high profits, the black market, stockpiling, pride material goods, destruction of other people’s goods and invalid measurement, tax evasion and not giving alms.

Pour out Thy Most Precious Blood on my material goods, and deliver me from all trouble.

I thank You Jesus. Hallelujah.

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