St Padre Pio Prayers and Quotes – Part I

“How blessed it is to hear that the Lord is always generously gentle on your soul. I know you are suffering, but isn’t suffering a sure sign that God loves you? I know that you are suffering, but isn’t this suffering characteristic of every soul that has chosen God as his crucified God? I know your spirit is constantly surrounded by dark trials, but my dear daughter, it is sufficient for you to know that Jesus is with you and in you. “
(Epist. III, p. 703)

“Carrying physical and mental anguish is the most worthy sacrifice you can give to Him who has redeemed us by suffering.”
(Epist. III, p. 482)

“The angels envy us one thing: that they cannot suffer for God. Only pain allows the soul to say with certainty: My God, look how much I love you! ”
(FM, 166)

“The Christian God is the God of change; you are throwing pain in his lap and seizing peace from him; you put despair in and you can see hope coming to the surface. ”
(FM, 166)

“Life is a Calvary, but it is appropriate for us to ascend joyfully. Crosses are the jewelry that I jealously desire. My suffering is pleasant. I suffer when I do not suffer. ”
(CE, 22)

“But let nature complain of suffering, for there is nothing more natural than sin; your will, will be even stronger with the help of God, and there will never be a lack of God’s love in your spirit unless you abandon prayer. ”
(Epist. III, p. 80)

“Always be a lover of pain, which is not only the work of the wisdom of God but reveals to us even more fully the work of his love.”
(ASN, 43)

“Suffering is the fate of the elected souls. God, the fountain of all grace and every gift that leads to salvation, has set the suffering that man endures in the Christian way as a condition of giving us glory. “
(Epist. II, p. 248)

“The true servants of God increasingly appreciated the tribulations, thinking that they were more in tune with the path in which he walked, our Head, who achieved our salvation through the cross.”
(Epist. IV, p. 106)

“Yes, I love the cross, only the cross; I love the cross because I always see it on the shoulders of Jesus. ”
(Epist. I, p. 335)

Let us remain close in the same prayer! May the Lord bless you abundantly!