Prayer for forgiveness – Will remind you whom you need to forgive

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Prayer for forgiveness

A. Lord, in Your love and mercy I put…. (Tell the name of the person who is the cause of your suffering), is to remember Jesus, I pray, Father forgive her (him), she (he) doesn’t know what she (he) did. In the name of Jesus grant her (him) your love and heal the wounds that have been caused to other wounds. Let Your love remove evil action, because this person is created in Your image. It will not be truly free until your light does not shine in her (him). Some of my forgiving love working in it, liberating it from its burden. Please loving Lord Jesus redeem and change her (him) by your love. While I move obstacle from the channel of your love, fill me and the person who has hurt me by Your love, peace and health. Amen

B. In this Prayer for forgiveness will be affected by many areas of life, it is important to express in words their forgiveness directly to Jesus or the person who is present in prayer. The text of the prayer will remind you of people who need to forgive. Express it in words, let the Holy Spirit work freely and take you to the person or group who should forgive.

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray today for the grace to be able to forgive everyone in my life. I know you want to give us the strength to forgive, and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself, you want my happiness more than I do myself.

Lord, I forgive to MYSELF all sins, faults and mistakes, all that is truly wrong with me, and everything I think is wrong. I confess myself to participate in occult practices, horoscope, astrology,palm reading, fortune telling and spells; ask forgiveness and I forgive myself and I ask of Thee forgiveness for the mention of Thy name in vain, I’m sorry for the lack of awe and adoration. Forgive me for all offences of my parents, for drinking, smoking or using drugs, for sins against chastity (for immorality and abortion), for all the lies and steals. I forgive myself true today. Thank you Lord for the true grace, which now I receive.

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I truly forgive MY MOTHER, yes, I truly forgive her for all those times she wounded me, and made me bitter , she was angry at me, when I was punished; forgive her when she showed more love for my brothers and sisters. I forgive her when she told me I was stupid, ugly, crazy, worst child, I cost the family a lot of money, I forgive her when she told me that I was an unwanted child and just coincidence or mistake, now she is heartily forgiven.

I forgive MY FATHER for a lack of feeling and attention, the lack of support and love. I forgive him that I did not have his time and socializing. I forgive him for drinking and arguments with my mother and others. I forgive him for punishment, to leave my mother and our home. Now all I want to forgive him everything.

Lord, expanded its original state to BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I forgive those who rejected me, lied about me, hated me or beat me, those who were rude to me and done my life difficult, now I want to forgive them all.

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Lord, forgive MY FIANCÉE(FIANCÉ) for lack of love, feelings, respect and support, attention, communication, and for all mistakes, the weaknesses of all other acts and words, which have hurt me and my burdened conscience.

Jesus, forgive MY WIFE (HUSBAND) any lack of attention and love, all the hard words, accusations, the deadly silence, suspicions, jealousy, infidelity, disagreement, violation of the law of God in married life, the absence of support in the education of our children.

Jesus, I forgive my children lack of respect, obedience, love, attention, support, warmth and understanding, their evil habits and by not going for piety and bad action that disturbs me.

My God forgive MY SON/DAUGHTER/SON-IN-LOW/DAUGHTER-IN-LOW and other relatives who made my childhood miserable. For all their words and deeds that I was wounded by, I forgive them now.

Please Lord, help me to forgive MY RELATIVES, MY GRANDPARENTS, who were interfering with our family, tying themselves to my parents, which had created discord in my family.

Jesus, help me to forgive MY CO-WORKERS who were unpleasant and so they made my ​​life difficult and painful. I forgive all those who have left their work to me, and gossiped me and did not want to cooperate with me or they wanted to take my job. Now I want to forgive them all.

Lord forgive MY EMPLOYER that I was not paid the fair, which did not appreciate my work, whichwas rude and unkind to me, which is not appreciated and praised my work.

Now forgive MY PRIEST and other PRIESTS AND NUNS for their unkindness, which I have not encouraged or inspired new inspirations and lessons, which I did not take the parish ventures,forgive each other and wound you inflicted, I forgive them all now.

Lord I forgive all professionals who have hurt me, especially the physician, nurse, lawyer, policeman … for everything that they have inflicted, I want now heartily forgive.

Lord I forgive MY TEACHERS AND PROFESSORS, previous and present, for what I was punished, humiliated, I was treated unfairly, ridiculed, called me stupid and crazy, leaving me for a penalty after classes at school, were too strict with me.

Lord I forgive all my friends for a lack of a sense of love, which abandoned me and were rude when I needed their help, those who borrowed money and never returned it, those who gossiped me and defamed. Lord Jesus, now I beg for the grace of forgiveness to the person that I was most offended. I ask You for the grace of forgiveness for all that I consider to be my greatest adversaries and enemies, to whom my hardest to forgive and to whom I said that I will never forgive. Now invoke blessings on all those who have insulted me. Lord, now do something special for each of them.

THANK YOU JESUS, I’m free from the evil of unforgiveness. Let Your HOLY SPIRIT fill me with light and shine on all areas of my life. AMEN (praying in languages, praise to the Lord)

Let us remain close in the same prayer! May the Lord bless you abundantly!