Powerful Good morning prayer – How to start the day properly!

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Powerful Good morning prayer “ABBA – Father”

My Father, I come into Your presence at the beginning of the day. I’ll find the wisdom to not make foolish mistakes, so I know when to speak and when to remain in silence, when to act and when not to.

I´ve come to find peace so that nothing makes me anxious and bemused today. I’ve come to find the courage to be patient, to not lose hope, to accept disappointment, knowing that you’ll all turn to my right. I’ll find love, so that I could do absolutely nothing bitter, hard and unkind. I’ll start this day with you and I want him to continue with thee, so that it can be a day without anxiety. Father, You are my providence, I know that you would provide all my needs.

Father, You are my protector, forbid me this day from all the dark forces, put the cover on the Precious Blood of Thy Son Jesus and surround me by your Angels. I ask You this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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