Father Gabriele Amorth – The Exorcist

“Father Gabriele Amorth, perhaps the most well-known Vatican exorcist.”

Father Amorth, whose name often made headlines outside the Roman diocese where he served as the official exorcist, reportedly spent his last few weeks in the hospital due to lung problems, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

He was born on May 1, 1925, in Modena. In 1947, he joined the Society of St. Paul in Alba and was ordained a priest in Rome in 1951. In 1985, Cardinal Ugo Poletti appointed him as the exorcist of the Roman diocese. Father Amorth was a lifelong devotee of Mariology and edited the Catholic monthly magazine titled “Madre di Dio” (Mother of God).

Father Gabriele Amorth performed approximately 70,000 exorcisms during his lifetime, often having to repeat the ritual on the same individuals.

Father Gabriele Amorth had several profound quotes about evil and the power of Christ:

On Evil:

  • The fight against evil starts in the family. The lack of love in the family is the primary cause of evil in the world.”
  • “The reason why there are so many young people who are evil is often because so many of them don’t know what goodness is. Many young people don’t know what it means to be a child because they haven’t been shown love.”

On the Power of Christ:

  • “Evil is defeated by doing good. The primary thing that defeats the devil is holiness.”
  • “Only Christ has the power to save us from evil and to free us from the slavery of sin.”
  • The healing power of Christ is immense. When we invite Christ into our lives, His love and grace can dispel all darkness.”

These quotes from Father Gabriele Amorth underscore the gravity of the battle against evil and emphasize the transformative and liberating power found in embracing Christ’s teachings and love.

Father Gabriele Amorth was a prolific author who wrote extensively on the subject of exorcism, spirituality, and the battle against evil. Here is a list of some of his notable books:

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These books showcase Father Gabriele Amorth’s dedication to educating the public about the reality of demonic possession, the spiritual realm, and the importance of faith in combating evil.

He always emphasized that the fight against evil begins within the family. He explained that the reason many individuals become evil is often because so many young people ‘do not know sanctity in life, what it means to be a child,’ consequently not knowing how to be a good father or mother.

Amorth’s teachings extended beyond the ritualistic aspect of exorcism; he underscored the importance of familial sanctity and the foundational role of parenting in shaping individuals.

His poignant quotes often emphasized the significance of understanding goodness and the detrimental impact of a lack of moral guidance on the youth.

In 1991, he founded the International Association of Exorcists.

He received the ‘Medal of Liberation,’ awarded to him by Rome’s prefect, Paola Baseline, in the presence of the Defense Minister, Roberta Pinotti, for his decisive role as a Catholic partisan in the fight against fascists at the end of World War II.

Father Gabriele Amorth was associated with several organizations throughout his life:

  • Society of St. Paul: He joined this religious congregation in Alba in 1947 and was ordained a priest within this society in 1951.
  • International Association of Exorcists: Amorth was the founder of this association in 1991 and played a pivotal role in its establishment. He remained an active member, contributing significantly to the field of exorcism and spiritual guidance.
  • International Pontifical Marian Academy: He was a member of this academy, reflecting his dedication to Mariology, the study of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Catholic Action: Amorth was involved in this organization, a movement within the Catholic Church focused on social welfare and evangelization.
  • Christian Democratic Party: He was associated with the youth movement of this political party, the Christian Democratic Party, in post-war Italy.

Amorth’s affiliations spanned religious, spiritual, and social spheres, reflecting his multifaceted commitment to faith, spiritual guidance, and societal well-being.

Father Gabriele Amorth passed away on September 16, 2016, at the age of 91.

Photo by: By Angela Musolesi – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129111867

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