Lectio divina

LECTIO DIVINA – Fear of hell doesn’t want to prepare us to be afraid of God, but the evil that moves as away from God.

1. Introductory prayer  Such trust of the ordinary sparrows! Twittering, and at the same time follow, and each has to get enough to survive. Apparently, they are… Read more »

LECTIO DIVINA – Jesus sends out the disciples – „Freely you have received; freely give.”

1. Introductory prayer  Jesus, you called me and sent me. You believe that I can do something. But I think that it is necessary to do everything…. Read more »

LECTIO DIVINA – What grace to be accepted as I am – God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

1. Introductory prayer God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, You love me, you call me in a relationship. I’m confused, because it is always… Read more »

LECTIO DIVINA – Jesus Appears to His Disciples – Let us all drink the same Holy Spirit

1. Introductory prayer Come to me, Holy Spirit, that I may live in your consolation, to open up my heart to your words, to speak Your loving… Read more »

LECTIO DIVINA – Glory to God in the highest prayer – John 17 1 11 – Give blood and receive the Holy Spirit

1. Introductory prayer  Jesus, you invite me to persist, which opens me for a gift that comes from the Holy Spirit. Give me the strength and awareness… Read more »

Jesus the Good Shepherd and His Sheep – But do we really know his voice?

1. Introductory prayer  The Good Shepherd, you call me to the pastures of plentiful life. In the meantime, however, I see other pastures, also intriguing, and overlook… Read more »

Jesus promises the Power of the Holy Spirit and What are Jesus commandments?

1. Introductory prayer  Jesus, determined is your love. You give it to us, but tell us that keeping the commandments grazing comes with this package. If we… Read more »

I am the way the truth and the life – How rich are these three words!

1. Introductory prayer  God the Father, you invite me to believe – until the end. But in me is Thomas, which again does not know, and Philip,… Read more »

On the Road to Emmaus – Where and when do I run away in the relationships?

1. Introductory prayer Oh, Father, My trust in You is so quickly down and betrays me – I run away because I do not know how to… Read more »

Jesus appearance to Thomas and His Disciples – What can I learn from Thomas for my life?

1. Introductory prayer Oh, Jesus Christ, your love is boundless! Whatever I do, You still love me and wait for me to open the door – but… Read more »

Empty tomb of Jesus – What question, if I got an answer to it, would open up my heart to Easter morning?

1. Introductory prayer  Jesus died and Jesus’ disciples feel the weight. And yet there is love. Mary Magdalene comes from that love to the grave, and then… Read more »

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