Augsburg Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Germany

Hoher Dom zu Augsburg, Frauentorstraße, Augsburg, Nemčija

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The Augsburg Cathedral

For 1200 years the Augsburg Cathedral has been a place of faith and piety. Where generations and generations prayed, listened to the word of God and celebrated the Eucharistic celebration. As a mother church of the entire diocese, the cathedral is a visible expression of the lively church of  Augsburg.

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The Augsburg Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is the cathedral of the Diocese of Augsburg as well as the cathedral parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Cathedral’s history is documented as far back as 823 AD; it is 113 m (371 ft) long, 40 m (131 ft) wide and the spires are 62 m (203 ft) high.

The crypt under the west choir was constructed in the 10th century under the reign of Bishop Ulrich. Not to be missed are frescoes from the Romanesque and Gothic periods, beautifully painted vaults, and four panels from Hans Holbein the Elder.

Augsburg Cathedral

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The windows depicting the prophets Jonas, Daniel, Hosea and Moses are some of the oldest representational stained glass windows in Germany; they date back to the mid-12th century. The magnificent bronze door (ca. 1356) contains 35 relief panels with scenes from the Old Testament.

In the course of the centuries, the Cathedral has been rebuilt countless times, during the course of which many art treasures have been lost. In the last significant renovation of 1863, the Cathedral was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style.

On the plaza in front of the Cathedral stand the remains of the foundation of St. John’s Church (10th c.) and archaeological finds from Roman Augsburg (Roman wall). They belong to the Diocesan Museum, whose collection also includes the Cathedral treasury and further ecclesiastical artworks as well as the original bronze door, the Cathedral’s oldest work of art.

Augsburg Cathedral

The Marienkapelle – The Chapel of the Virigin Mary

Open on the north side, a light central building by the architect Gabriel de Gabrieli (1671-1747) from
Graubünden, was consecrated on 30 June 1722.

The occasion was a miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary, from the cloister,  for which Oberhofmarschall Count von Pollheim donated an altar in memory of his late wife. On February 25, 1944, fire bombs damaged the frescoes and only in 1988 the reconstruction of the frescoes was completed under the workshops of Erwin Wiegerling.

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Guided tours for adults

From May to October on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30 pm.

The meeting point is the southern portal. The guided tours last approximately 1 hour and cost 2 euros per person (to be paid at the beginning). Children up to 14 years have no tour fee.

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