Aachen Cathedral with the Palatine Chapel - Opening hours and Mass times

Aachen Cathedral with the Palatine Chapel – Opening hours and Mass times

0049 (0)241/47709-145

Aachen Cathedral, Aachen, Germany

The Sanctuary is opened to the public:: January-March everyday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. April-December everyday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

History of Aachen Cathedral Charlemagne intended his Church of St. Mary to become a complete image of the Heavenly Jerusalem, symbolizing the contact of the Earthly and the Heavenly. After app. 20 years of construction this vision was architecturally and liturgically realized around the year 803.Continue Reading

Asam Church or Asamkirche - Unique private church in Munich - Mass times, hours and admission

If you are in Munich, the the time to visit the late Baroque Asam Church is located on Sendlingerstraße just a few minutes’ walk away from the Sendlinger Tor (Sendling Gate). It was erected between 1733 and 1746 by the Asam brothers and bears the official name of St. Johann Nepomuk. Originally planned as a private church for the builder, its Baroque facade is integrated into the row of houses on Sendlingerstraße.Continue Reading

Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral – The Cathedral of St. Peter in Bavaria

+49 941 597-01

Regensburg Cathedral, Domplatz, Regensburg, Nemčija

The St. Peter's Cathedral is open: April, May & October: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. June - September: 6:30 am - 7:00 pm. November - March: 6:30 am - 5:00 pm.

The Regensburg Cathedral of St. Peter is the spiritual heart of the diocese. It’s faith that has become a stone, which for centuries characterises the lives of men. It is the most visible center of the city of Regensburg and an outstanding testimony of the Gothic in Bavaria. Regensburg Cathedral, built in the sixth century, still stands tall in Regensburg, Germany.Continue Reading

Augsburg Cathedral

Augsburg Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Germany


Hoher Dom zu Augsburg, Frauentorstraße, Augsburg, Nemčija

Every day: from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm

The Augsburg Cathedral For 1200 years the Augsburg Cathedral has been a place of faith and piety. Where generations and generations prayed, listened to the word of God and celebrated the Eucharistic celebration. As a mother church of the entire diocese, the cathedral is a visible expression of the lively church of  Augsburg. See also in Augsburg: St. Peter am Perlach church and the famous image of the Mary Undoer of Knots.Continue Reading

Fourteen Holy Helpers Vierzehnheiligen

Vierzehnheiligen Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers

+49 957 195 080

Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, Bad Staffelstein, Nemčija

Winter: 07.30 – 17.00 and Summer: 06.30 – 20.00

The History of Pilgrimage to the Vierzehnheiligen Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers On September 24th Hermann Leicht, a young shepherd, driving his sheep home, saw a crying child in a field belonging to the nearby Cistercian monastery. When he tried to pick it up it disappeared abruptly. A short time later the child reappeared in the same spot. Two candles were burning next to it.Continue Reading

St. Peter am Perlach Mary Undoer of Knots

St. Peter am Perlach and Novena to Our Lady Mary Undoer of Knots 

St. Peter am Perlach, Rathausplatz, Augsburg, Nemčija

Daily from 8.00 to 18.00

St. Peter am Perlach Mary, Untier of Knots or Mary Undoer of Knots is the name of both a Marian devotion and a Baroque painting (German: Wallfahrtsbild or Gnadenbild) which represents that devotion. The painting by Johann Georg Melchior Schmidtner, of around 1700. Pope Francis saw the image while in Germany as a student and promoted her veneration in Latin America. See Top 15 Catholic shrines around the world. St.Continue Reading

St Maria in der Kupfergasse

St Maria in der Kupfergasse, Cologne

+49 0 221 257 6237

St. Maria in der Kupfergasse, Schwalbengasse, Köln, Nemčija

6:30 am - 7:30 pm

St Maria in der Kupfergasse, Cologne is a Baroque church in Cologne, western Germany, in the district of Innenstadt. The pilgrimage church is dedicated to St. Mary, the Black Madonna. It was completed in 1715 and measures 37.20 meters in length and 17.30 metres in width.Continue Reading


Shrine of Our Lady of Altotting Black Madonna in Germany

+49 0 8671 5062 19

Stiftspfarrkirche, Kapellplatz, Altötting, Nemčija

Coming to Altotting and having the best stay: Our Lady of Altotting Germany Our Lady of Altotting is a Bavaria shrine in southern Germany famous for its 9th century Black Madonna. Altötting has attracted pilgrims since the 15th century. The Royal House of Germany has had a particular devotion to Our Lady of Altotting since the Middle Ages, a preference that had become a tradition.Continue Reading

Passau Cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral Passau, Germany – Catholic Largest Pipe Organ in the world

+ 49 08 513 938 153

St. Stephan's Cathedral, Domplatz, Passau, Nemčija

Every day: 6.30 – 18.00 winter, 19.00 summer

St Stephen’s Cathedral Passau Passau’s magnificent Passau Cathedral is located on the old town’s highest point. After it had burnt down almost completely in the devastating 1662 town fire, it was rebuilt by the famous baroque architect Carlo Lurago. Its stucco works were done by G.B.Carlone and the frescos were painted by Carpoforus Tencalla, all of them Italien baroque artists.Continue Reading


Kevelaer Basilica

+49 28 32 / 933 80

Basilika St. Marien, Kapellenplatz, Kevelaer, Nemčija

The Pilgrimage – Site of Kevelaer Every year 1,000,000 people visit this place of pilgrimage. They come from all over Europe; in particular from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Lying on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, Kevelaer has been from the beginning an international place of pilgrimage, For more than 350 years, then, a lively inter-communication has take place between different peoples.Continue Reading