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The Secret of Fatima apparitions and why it is important!

About Fatima Pilgrimage site. Here, is just to recap. On 13. May, 1917, three children were pasturing their little flock in the Cova the Iria, parish of Fatima, They were called, Lucia de Jesus, and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto. About Midday, after praying the Rosary, they saw a brilliant light and thinking it to be lightning, they decided to go home. But as they went down the slope another flash lit up the place… Continue Reading

Pope Francis grants a Jubilee year to Fatima shrine – 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions

The Jubilee Year of the Centennial takes place between November 27th 2016 and November 26th 2017.   In order to worthily celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions, by the mandate of Pope Francis, it is granted a Jubilee Year, with the inherent plenary indulgence, from the 27th November 2016 to the 26th November 2017. The plenary indulgence of the jubilee is granted: a) to the faithful who visit the Shrine of Fatima in… Continue Reading

Everything you wanted to know about Our Lady of Fatima original Capelinha statue

Coming to Fatima and having the best stay: When you look for something about Fatima Portugal, you will quickly have the Our Lady of Fatima statue in front of you. The image, figurine or Our lady of Fatima statue has become a symbol for this shrine and the whole history, (like the water for Lourdes sanctuary – here we wrote about it how to get it the quickest and the cheapest way) starting from the Marian Apparitions… Continue Reading

What is a Shrine? With 13 beautiful Catholic Shrines with special Devotions

What is a Shrine? According to Church law, a shrine is “a church or other sacred place which, with the approval of the local Ordinary [bishop], is frequented by the faithful as pilgrims by reason of a special devotion”. That is why “certain privileges may be granted to shrines when the local circumstances, the number of pilgrims and especially the good of the faithful would seem to make this advisable”. Examples are special Marian devotions,… Continue Reading

Where is Medjugorje located and why it is so beautiful there? Here’s why.

  Coming to Medjugorje and having the best stay: Dear readers, we have been to Medjugorje two years ago and we would like to share our story about this wonderful place of prayer. This is our experience. Like to one we have written what to see and do at Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal. Warning: We are not getting into the endless debate why apparitions are not approved or if they are real or not. On… Continue Reading

How to get FREE Lourdes water the quickest and the cheapest way!

If you ever heard about the Lourdes Sanctuary, you have definitely heard something about the Lourdes water or with pilgrims that go to the baths as a step towards the confession. Many people want to order the Lourdes water, but usually they overpay the price. There are many online shops providing the Lourdes Water. In the small bottles or a few drops in the rosaries. All well, but usually you will overpay for it, because they of… Continue Reading

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal: What to see in one day. And why should you stay longer.

  Coming to Fatima and having the best stay: Make the best of one day stay in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal – What you absolutely have to see and attend! In July and August 2016 we have been volunteering in Fatima Portugal. Yes, we were in the info centre from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm helping pilgrims find their way around. Typical question that we got: »Hi, this is my first… Continue Reading

Top 15 Catholic Shrines around the world

Of the hundreds of catholic shrines, basilicas in the world of the Roman Catholic church, here is our TOP 15 selection to get you in pilgrim mode. Shrines, Basilicas and Marian shrines of the world of the Catholic church The Shrines of the Catholic church featured here are selected primarily for their own unique features and historic value. But as always there are other shrines and basilicas well worth visiting. So feel free to search around our… Continue Reading

Biggest church in Asia – Thrissur Basilica, India

Biggest church in Asia Special Features of Our Lady of Dolours Thrissur Basilica Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours Thrissur with an area of 25000sq.ft with three towers, two in front and one in rear. The front towers are having a height of 146 feet and the rear tower is having a height of 260 feet. The great Maharaja of Cochin, His Excellency Rama Varma issued the sanction to build a big church at Thrissur…. Continue Reading

What and where are the most important Prayer Areas in Medjugorje Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Prayer Areas There are three main areas where the pilgrims gather in Medjugorje Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read about our trip to Medjugorje. Where is Medjugorje and why it is so beautiful there? Here’s why. Apparition Hill This is how the area of Podbrdo, above the village of Bijakovici is now referred to. This is where the visionaries claim to have first seen Our Lady. This happened at the end of June back in 1981. Since… Continue Reading

Description of Our Lady, as she appears in Medjugorje

Over the years people questioned the visionaries of Medjugorje about Our Lady’s appearance, but the most successful inquirer by far was the author, Fr. Janko Bubalo, a Franciscan of the Hercegovinian province. He had followed the events associated with the apparitions from the beginning. For a number of years he heard confessions in Medjugorje and acquired an intimate knowledge of Medjugorje spirituality. One result of his interest is his book A Thousand Encounters with the… Continue Reading