Catholic board game for kids, youth and families – “On a journey with Mary”

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4 values your child can learn through the game: Cooperation, Trust in Mary’s help, How to help others and Mutual respect.

  • Game for families, adults and children  A fun and instructive Bible game that will lead you to an unforgettable journey filled with joy, prayer and song.
  • Original figures for the game – You get seven originally shaped figures, with different color, with the image of Mary, Jesus’ mother.
  • Affirmation of Christian values  This game is played with the “heart”. It promotes learning the Bible, learning tolerance and cooperation, developing a sense of communion and mutual respect.
  • Traveling with Our Lady By throwing the cubes you travel to the biblical places and events in which Mary participated, the places of her apparitions and her special reverence.
  • Detect cards, collect talents  A total of 140 cards with a multitude of biblical citations, Old and New Testament, spiritual messages and surprise messages.


Publisher   Naruro d.o.o., made in Croatia, Europe
Year   2017
Author   Robert and Nada Rukavina
Instructions   English
Nr. of players   2 – 7
Time of play   60 min
Age   5 +
Level   Easy
Description   Family games
Action   Luck, knowledge and cooperation lead to winning the game.
Warning   Choking hazard, small parts, not for children under 5 years.
Shipping   The game is shipped from Europe.

Seven originally shaped figures with the image of Mary

Why is this game a perfect gift for your child?

The Catholic board game for kids is made to be an educational an amusing journey throughout the whole Bible which starts in the town of Nazareth where Mary was announced that she would give birth to Jesus, Son of God.

Since that historical moment the Bible has acquired a new splendor, a new importance because the Light of Mary’s pregnancy shines over the whole biblical past and at the same time creates the future of the world.

In the game we start from the place and the moment of Mary’s acceptance to become the Mother of the Son of God. We follow Mary from place to place, from town to town, from event to event on her life path. All the places marked with names are a memory of Mary’s ways, events she participated in, the places she appeared in or where she is honored in a special way.

Affirmation of Christian values – This game is played with the heart

The goal of the game, the Heavenly Jerusalem, stands for the end of the life in this world and it represents the place of glory and salvation, the place where Mary had gone before us. 

Thus we learn the chronology of her paths. We meet incidents and questions from her life, biblical themes before Mary’s time and all that with spiritual messages.

On this journey we sing and pray and, like Mary, keep in our hearts what we have learned, found out or understood. In the game, when we reach certain place, we can be sure that Mary was already at that place, that she went through all this and that she always went forward in her life. So do we always go forward with Mary, always closer to Jesus and getting to know his and Our Father better.

In this game it is not most important to learn as many places and events as possible.

The spirit of the game is the most important. 

This christian board game for children in not a competition in how to be quicker, stronger, smarter…, but it’s a call to be an assistant and coworker to your games partners, i.e Good Samaritan.

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Finishing the game 

  1. The game does not finish when achieving the goal, but only then a decisive struggle starts for unrevealing of the talents. Everything we have achieved with knowledge, dice throwing, prayer and songs until the Heavenly Jerusalem resulted with a safe entrance and getting the appropriate number of talents.
  2. But these talents are yet to be revealed and they can be revealed only by helping others or by great joy of all when “the last man” enters the safety of the Heavenly Jerusalem.
  3. In the end, it can happen that, by accident or God’s will, who know, the last player becomes a winner of the game if he gets and reveals a card with 10 talents.
  4. The possibilities are small, but still exists so as to make Jesus sentence alive: many who are first will be last, and the last first Mk 10:31)

Interview with the family who made the new catholic board games for kids “Travel with Mary, Mother of Jesus”.

Q: Dear Nada and Robert, Can you briefly introduce yourself and say, about the ideas for designing the game?

Robert: We are one big and happy family with ten children; Mary, John, Magdalene, Clare, Ana, Rebecca, Noemi, Judith and Esther. The idea for the game came in prayer. We as a family thought of a toy or a game for children that would be interesting, fun and at the same time religiously acceptable, instructive, and preferably for the whole family to be involved.

bible board games christian board games catholic games for adults catholic games for youth catholic board games for kids

Traveling with Our Lady – By throwing the cubes, you travel to the places and events in which Mary participated

Q: Why the title „Travel with Mary, Mother of Jesus“?

Robert: I remembered Our Lady’s journeys with Jesus and thought that it would be interesting to link them together, intertwine with Bible questions and end the game in Heaven, the place that Our Lady wants to take us all.

Q: why is this game really good?

Robert: The game’s content is completely different from all the other games on the market, as it promotes fellowship and joy when the last player is found in Heaven. It is not the most important thing to win in this game but to help others.

Q: Many today say that adults should not play games, as it is for children, while on the other hand we see increasing demand for online games and other adult games. How to explain that and what do you think, should adults play?

Robert: I think adults should play, very much, but with children. Not betting games or casinos. Parents spend too little time with their children, especially in prayer. Unfortunately, today time is for parents more important than their children, (truthfully, they will try to provide them with everything, but their nerves and their time only by drops), somehow the feeling of sacrifice has disappeared, the marriage is dominated by selfishness and everything is measured in profit. It is time for families to ask themselves: who cares for their children? The goal of the game is to bring together the whole family, mum, dad and children around God, allow them to talk to each other through the game and express their feelings, wishes and expectations to one another. This game is a game of communion prayer and it teaches us about the Bible.

Q: I personally played the game “On the Road with Mary …” and I was leading all the time to “lose” in the end, how is that possible?

Robert: The game ends only when the last player comes to Heavenly Jerusalem. Each player at the entrance of Heaven gets talent cards and reveals them the others in a way that helps the player who is behind. How many times you drop the dice for the other or help him answer the question, as many talent cards you get, and collect talents. When the last player joins Heavenly Jerusalem he gets a card with talent, and then he reveals it and the possibility is to get the card with the greatest number of talents and thus win the game.

Q:Beautiful. Here truly comes the expression of Jesus’ word: but many who are first will be last, and the last first”. And for the end, your message as a parent, to us parents?

Robert: I would tell all the parents to set the time for the family prayer, so that the whole family gathers. Distance from God has resulted in many divorces, quarrels and intimidation in marriages, and children are always the victims. Try to love Jesus in your wife or husband and in your children and trust me; you will have the most beautiful marriage you could wish for.

bible board games christian board games catholic games for adults catholic games for youth catholic board games for kids

A total of 140 cards with a multitude of biblical citations, old and new testament, spiritual and surprise messages

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 10.8 x 1.5 in

Perfect gift for your child.

2 reviews for Catholic board game for kids, youth and families – “On a journey with Mary”

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    So fun and really nice catholic game. Nobody loses, no penalties. its the first game for us where you can really pray and feel the presence of the Holy spirit.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    you actually really learn something with this game, interesting questions, and a lot of interacting. not just throwing the dice all the time.

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