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Coming to Fatima in 2016 was the experience of our life. We found it to be the perfect opportunity to serve with our volunteer work to prepare ourselves for a family life. This guide is the fruit from our work there. May the blessings from Our Lady of Fatima be with you.

We have collected and written a comprehensive and detailed guide about the Fatima shrine. This guide is for everyone who wants to know in depth information before going to the pilgrimage. Or, doesn’t have an opportunity to visit  Fatima, our guide is the next best thing.

If you come to Fatima Portugal, take at least one day to experience the greatness, the beauty and prayer of this scared place. For the pilgrims that come for just like an hour, we gave the advice, “Go to the Capelinha. Rest and pray in front of the Our lady of Fatima statue.” So if you decide to come, then come for at least a day or better 2, 3 days.

This guide will help you break free from the crowds. You’ll get the best of Fatima in one place. We love Fatima and this guide will pass our love onto you by telling you the best things to see and do in this beautiful sanctuary.


What’s in this Fatima guide?

  • THE BEST THINGS TO SEE – Explore the unique and beautiful Basilica of the Holy Trinity, Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, Chapel of the Apparitions, Homes of the three Little Shepherds, Stations of the Cross and Calvary.

  • THE BEST THINGS TO DO – Mass in the Chapel of the Apparitions, Reciting the Rosary in the Chapel of the Apparition, The Candlelight Procession, Making your own sacrifice,  Pilgrimage on your knees, Make your prayer request, Pray the Rosary at the different places of the Apparitions.

  • HISTORY OF FATIMA APPARITIONS – Learn about the history of Fatima and how it became the site of catholic pilgrimage.

  • THE SECRET OF FATIMA – Learn all about the 3 part secret of Fatima: First Part – Vision of Hell; Second Part – Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Third Part – Vision of Bishop dressed in white.

  • THE VISIONARIES: Biography of the Little Shepherds – Lucia de Jesus dos Santos, Francisco Marto, Jacinta Marto.

  • ESSENTIALS PILGRIM-INFO: Mass Times, Blessing of the Vehicles, Confession Times, Eucharistic Adoration Schedule, Religious Objects Blessing, Lite a Candle, Holy Water and much more.

  • PRACTICAL INFORMATION – Get the essential tips that make guidebooks: Emergency numbers, Working hours, Pharmacies, Rent-a-car, Films, Clothes offerings, Institutions and Associations, General Touristic Information.

     Us as volunteers in Fatima on pilgrim train returning from Aljustrel to Fatima

Plan your Fatima Pilgrimage NOW!

Get this $9.99 guidebook on 133 pages for you as a PDF to read on any device AND be able to access it on the road. This book will help you navigate Fatima like a local, avoid the crowds, and have the best pilgrimage experience ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your guide different?

All of the information included in this guide is from first-hand experience from us.  We give you insider tips and advice on how to make your pilgrimage to Fatima your best trip ever. 

What makes you an expert on Fatima?

We’ve worked in Fatima as volunteers and helped hundreds of pilgrims and tourists every day. Answering questions, guiding them around the sanctuary and helping them in any way we could. We had been educated and trained by employees of the sanctuary in Fatima and we know the sanctuary  like the back of our hand.

What’s the difference between this guide and the information on this site?

Our portal has a lot of good information on Fatima, it doesn’t give any sort of background on the history of Fatima, tell you anything about the special activities while staying there, or go over important information like practical touristic tips and emergency information. This 133-page guidebook goes into way more detail than a blog post can.

How frequently is this guide updated?

These comprehensive guides are updated yearly to include the most up-to-date information.

If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?

Yes. We’re fully committed to helping you. You can test-drive the guide for 30 days and read the material. If you don’t feel the guide is good for you, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Are there coupons inside?

Unfortunately, no. However, there are plenty of useful tips included to help you get the best for your money!

If I have any questions or concerns, can I contact you?

Of course! You can contact us via email anytime: [email protected]