FAQ regarding SHOP

  1. HOW CAN I DO A PURCHASE? Customers have the possibility to checkout without creating an account.
  2. DO I NEED TO REGISTER FOR A PURCHASE?  In order to do a purchase, you must take the following steps:
    1. Product selection – Look for the desired products in the SHOP menu or search through the search boxes or widgets.
    2. Quantity – Define the quantity for the desired product and click on “Add”. This way, you are adding the products you want to the “shopping cart”.
    3. Shopping cart – As soon as you have added  into the shopping cart all the products you want to buy, click on “View Cart”.
    4. Product Revision – Please review the products and the quantities selected. If you wish to change the quantity of any product or to remove it, do it by using the box “X button” and the button “Update Cart” in order to update the new quantity of the product.
    5. Method of payment – You can checkout directly with Pay Pal or click “Proceed to Checkout” and select later the method of payment: Pay Pal or Direct bank transfer.
    6. Billing address – add you billing address and if necessary also shipping address (if different than billing address)
    7. Your order – Last summary of your order. You may leave a note if need, then click on the “Place order” button. A new window will open where you make the payment by the selected method.
    8. Order concluded! You will receive an e-mail message with the summary of your order, as well as its status whenever this changes. You may also consult the order (or previous ones) on your user account (menu “LOGIN” – “User account” -“Information on the order”).
  3. DOES THE PRICE INCLUDE VAT (Valued Added Tax)? The price of the product is the final price you will pay.
  4. HOW DO I KNOW IF PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE? By a text above the order button on a product page, which can be coloured: Green, if in stock; Red, if out of stock.
  5. ARE THERE ANY HANDLING AND SHIPPING CHARGES? Yes. They depend on the total weight of the order, on the country of destination and on the carrier chosen.
  6. HOW DO I KNOW WHETHER OR NOT THE ORDER WAS PROCESSED CORRECTLY? After you finalise the order, you should see another page confirming that the order was placed successfully. The confirmation of the order is also sent to your e-mail address. If you find your order in any of these places, that means it was processed correctly.
  7. HOW CAN I CANCEL AN ORDER? Send an e-mail message to [email protected] and request the cancellation, by indicating the number of the order, the name on the order and the total value of the order.
  8. WILL I RECEIVE AN INVOICE? Yes, you will receive an invoice.
  9. WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR THE DELIVERY OF AN ORDER? Except for exceptional and specific circumstances, all orders are expedited (dispatched) no later than the 2 working days after the receipt of the order. In case we are out of stock, the system will not allow the fill out of the order. However, if the system should fail and the order is processed, the client will be notified by e-mail or telephone of the foreseen date of delivery.
  10. CAN I RETURN AN ORDER? Yes. The client has 14 calendar days (14 consecutive days), from the date of reception of the order, in which to cancel the contract and return the article, under the following conditions:
    1. Will only be accepted returns of articles worth at least €25 USD; otherwise, they will be refused and sent back.
    2. The returned articles must be in perfect condition, closed inside the original package, with the complete number of units, as well as the Invoice.
    3. The restitution of the sums paid will only done after the reception, at our premises, of the articles and after the verification of the condition they are in.
    4. Returns with origin in fault imputable to the Catholic Pilgrimages are not subject to the minimum value of the articles in question and will be fully credited and the handling and mailing costs incurred in the return will paid by the Shrine.

For further information, please contact us through e-mail: [email protected]