E-book, guides, prayers & downloads for you

Here are e-books, guides, prayers and other material to help you become a better, happier and fulfilled person. You can download everything without your email address.

You can never go wrong by being generous.

If you feel like contributing back to our site you can order our Piece of Fatima in your Hands combo. Rosary hand made in Fatima + eBook Fatima History and Shrine on 133 pages on the left side. 


Medjugorje Messages

Our Lady’s Messages from 1984 to 2017 to the visionaries in Medjugorje in one e-book. 135 pages.

70 beautiful prayers

Rosary, Novenas, daily prayers and chaplets from catholic history and their saints. 41 pages.

How to pray the Rosary

E-book – start praying the Rosary. Tips concerning different aspects of the Rosary. 14 pages

Pray for Healing

27 powerful prayers for healing, forgiveness, family, health and inner healing, finances. 14 pages.

Divine Mercy guide

Essence of Divine Mercy, Chaplet, Image, Hour of Mercy and Novena of Divine Mercy. 19 pages.

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